Problem with power on from Remote with CIR IR receiver and Intel MB

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Sorry to wake up and old thread, but I have a problem with the Inteset CIR receiver.
I can see that power on works under windows with the new drivers. Does this mean that the drivers should do something speciel during the shut down procedure ? E.g. write sometihng into the CIR hardware so that it knows what to look for to power on the system again...

Inteset Engineers, could you please explain how this works.
I would love to have the power on feature working under Linux, but need to know more about how it works...

Just to clarify, the normal operation and power of works perfectly under Linux, but power on does not.

Thank you
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S5 (Wake from off), is a function of the BIOS (not the OS). So, the motherboard must support S5 and have the Intel CIR header (and Inteset CIR module) for it power on from the off state.
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My motherboard is an Intel H67GD with CIR header. It should support wake from s5.
But the only option in BIOS is to enable/disable CIR.
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A user earlier in this thread got it to wake from S3 by installing newer drivers. But if it is a functionality in the BIOS then the drivers should make no difference...
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Anyone using an Intel dh67cf ITX media board and the Inteset CIR board With Ubuntu ?

I've got the remote working using the in kernel drivers, I just had to modify the rc_mce keymap file a bit.

BUT one problem I can't turn on PC from S3 sleep mode or from S5 Shutdown.

Using a harmony remote setup as MCE remote. Another thing I noticed the Descrete poweron / poweroff commands dont work, have to use power toggle instead.

The PC can be turned off (put to sleep) ok however with the remote.

This worked fine under Windows 7 and I had no problem powering on the HTPC.

Where can I find newer Linux Drivers for this CIR board ?

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I am using DH87RL with inteset CIR module. When I turn off the mains and turn it on, I am unable to power on the HTPC using the remote. Whereas I am able to power on after a complete shutdown (S5). Is there a working BIOS version which works perfectly ? I can revert bact to it. or else do you have any other suggestion?
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It sounds like your BIOS settings need to be adjusted. The CIR may have a problem if you are shutting down to Sleep (S3). This product is now at the EOL so we do not have current info on your board regarding our CIR.