On-screen Keyboard Helper Toggle Button Location

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I am locking down touchscreen devices using Secure Lockdown v2 that will need an on-screen keyboard for users to interact with our deployed in-vehicle enterprise software.  I was having a time trying to get the on-screen keyboard to activate when the user touched a text field, so I installed the On-screen Keyboard Helper utility to work get the keyboard to be able to utilized.  The OSKH does help, most certainly, since the toggle button can be used to activate the keyboard, but, the location of the Toggle Button is very problematic as it is displaying in the upper left of the screen and covering menu and program buttons that the users would need to interact with as well.

I have gone through the documentation, registry and configurations and cannot find any obvious solutions to relocate the OSKH toggle button to a more suitable location on the screen.

Is there a way to relocate the toggle button?  If not, is there an alternate solution for utilizing an on-screen keyboard while the device is in "lockdown."  Alternatively, if there is a way to disable the toggle button completely, I might be able to "call" the OSKH program from a command button in my enterprise application (provided there is a way to pass the OSK launch from my application to the OSKH).

My deployment:
-Ambulance Mobile Data Computer deployment
-Lenovo M73 Tiny PC running Windows 8.1 Pro
-Sintrones Touchscreen monitor
-No physical keyboard is planned for deployment
-Running a single main application

Thank you all in advance for your time in contemplating my dilemma.

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What OS are you using (Windows 7, 10)?
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Windows 8.1 Pro
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you should be able to move the toggle button (drag the top part of it) and it will "stick" to where you leave it.
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It is always the simplest solutions that allude us .... Thank you very much!