SecureLockdown V2 for IE not working

Posted: one year ago Quote #3475
I'm trying to evaluate for purchase.  It seems the Kiosk mode doesn't work when I use a domain account with local admin rights.
I have enabled the whitelist, but I can go anywhere.
Sometimes SecureLockDown doesn't start when enabled, or it won't start IE in full-screen mode.  It seems settings are randomly applied; this just doesn't seem right, so I'm wondering what I may be doing wrong?
I'm using a computer on a domain, domain account login with local administrators rights.  Is this OK?
Also, can I setup the computer for auto-logon and have the program work correctly?
I'm looking forward to purchasing the program if it actually works well, the interface is easy to use, but it just doesn't seem to behave as expected.
Posted: one year ago Quote #3476
Be sure that your running Secure Lockdown using an Admin account (not a Standard User account running SL "as an administrator"). You can use a Domain admin account, however it is not recommended. A local admin account is recommended. If you're considering using the SL - IE Edition white listing feature, it no longer works under Windows 10 as Microsoft has removed the core capability in that OS. SL - Chrome Edition white listing works as expected under Windows 10.

Yes, you can set up the system to auto-login to the desired account using the typical Windows settings that provide that capability (Google "Windows auto login setup" to learn more).

Also, please be sure you're using the latest release of SL found on our website.
Posted: one year ago Quote #3488
This is not a domain admin account.  This pc is using a domain 'regular user' account with local administrators' rights.
This sounds like SecureLockdown then, actually IS NOT Compatible with Windows 10, if it can't lock down IE with the IE edition - is this the case?
And if so, will there be a fix down the line?  This kiosk computer will be accessing SharePoint, and Chrome doesn't always play nice with Sharepoint sites.
Posted: one year ago Quote #3489
Ideally, SL needs to run using a Local Admin account... If you don't need white listing (Allowed Sites feature), Secure Lockdown - IE Edition will work for your needs under Windows 10. Note that as you may be aware, Microsoft has depreciated Internet Explorer and will no longer be improving it.