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Posted: one year ago Quote #3504

I've just purchased another copy of Secure Lockdown for Chrome and I'm awaiting the serial. I'm stuck on site waiting to apply this and so I wondered if someone could action the serial issuing promptly please.

Thanks very much ins advance.

Posted: one year ago Quote #3505
Hi again

For some reason my order has just been cancelled, could someone please help me out with getting this sorted so it can be applied this evening.

Posted: one year ago Quote #3506
For ease of reference my cancelled order was number 13314

Posted: one year ago Quote #3507
An email was sent to you with regard to your order stating that you purchased Secure Lockdown on our old purchasing system (you must of had a direct link to it). Please purchase Secure Lockdown from the following link instead:

Posted: one month ago Quote #6175
Hi !I have the same question! So, does anyone know the answer to this question? I'm still confused!