422-3 with nvidia number buttons

Posted: one year ago Quote #3531
I am not able to get my number buttons to work on my Nvidia shield with this remote...any help?
Posted: 8 months ago Quote #4697
I have the same issue.  I purchased this thinking this would allow me to use the numeric key as input.  I am using HDHomeRun Beta as my TV tuner.
Posted: 8 months ago Quote #4698
Yup, and no response...I wonder if it will be addressed?
Posted: 8 months ago Quote #4720
Our remote emulates the functionality of the Nvidia Shield remote. The NS remote does not have a numeric keypad so the INT422-3 does not have functionality for the key pad. We will research it further and I will let you know if the key pad is supposed to function there. Also, our technical staff commented that there is really nothing that you can do with a numeric pad on the NS except possibly when doing a search.
Posted: 3 months ago Quote #5935
Any update on this yet?