PC-IRS5 Troubleshooting Guide

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Installing the IRS5 is not a trivial task. There are a lot of potential points of failure if the installation is not properly administered. The troubleshooting guide below is not an installation guide. For a detailed installation procedure, it is recommended that you watch the "PC-IRS5-01 IR Receiver Installation Tutorial" video in full before beginning the installation of the IRS5 in your system:

Below are common issues that are encountered during the installation of the IRS5:

* The Remote Isn't Controlling my Media Application:
     1.) Ensure the IRS5 USB Connection is Properly Connected
          a. Be sure USB connection to the IRS5 is connected to the USB connector and not the MB connector. These connectors are the same type and can be mixed unknowingly. (see image)

     2.) Ensure the IRS5 USB Drivers are Active in Windows (or Linux)
          a. Under the Windows platform > Device Manager, you should see the Human Interface Devices >  and Universal Serial Bus controllers >  (see image)
          b. Be sure you're using an RC6 compatible IR remote that has Windows Media Center IR codes (ie: Inteset Int-422, Logitech Harmony 650, etc) and that the remote's selected device mode for Windows Media Center is selected.

* I Can Power Down the PC with the Remote, But it Wont Turn Back On from the Off State

     1.) Ensure the Connection to the Motherboard Power Header is Correct

          a. Refer to the motherboard instructions to be sure the IRS5 power switch and power LED cable pins are connected to the proper pin and polarity (negative or positive). You may need a voltage meter to determine the polarity if it's not clear in the motherboard instructions. (see image) Once properly connected, the computer's power LED will be lit up while the computer is on.

     2.) Ensure that you have the Windows Power Button configuration set to Shut Down or Hibernate

          a. In Windows, go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Choose what the power buttons do.  Select either Shut down or Hibernate for both the Power Button and Sleep actions (see image, image 2)

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How do i connect a remote to this IR receiver? what is the model number my harmony hub does not seem to have irs5-01 in the database. and the learning remotes seem to first need a remote to learn from.
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Use the profile for a Media Center Remote. There is no serial #.
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Have all PC-IRS5 ready and plugged into my motherboard and I'm still waiting on the Inteset universal remote to arrive so I can set this up. I was wondering if it was possible to complete the setup using my Harmony 650 remote? If so could you provide steps if possible. Thank you
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I am also trying to use the PC-IRS5 with Harmony 650. In myharmony software I tried to find the device but it is not listed. I am using Microsoft / Media Center PC SE device but I am not sure it is the best match for the PC-IRS5.
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could i get the imagge for option 1 i think i may be doing something wrong as its not working for me