Is there a device setup code that uses all the buttons on the remote?

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I'm trying to use the 422-3 remote to control some things on my computer using LIRC, and it would be useful to have some sort of generic device setup code that outputs an IR signal for EVERY button on the remote. I've tried a few setup codes randomly, and they all seem to use some but not all of the buttons on the remote. It doesn't matter what the signals are; anything would work.

If there isn't a setup code like this, my idea for a workaround would be to pick a setup code that uses almost all the bottons, like the ones for Xbox One, then learn the remaining buttons from another random remote. But obviously this is a little tedious and I'd prefer not to.

Can anyone help with this?

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The Media Center device code uses most of the buttons. I do not believe that there is any code that uses all buttons.
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I had the same objective - to get the remote to work with FLIRC.  I found an answer:  

I tried the "Set Top Cable Box - Motorola - 01998".  It lit up almost all of the buttons - the only ones it did not were a few of the geometry shapes at the very bottom of the screen.  However, you can make those buttons "LEARN" a button from another remote.  Thus, "lighting it up".  It doesn't matter what button it learns, you're going to use the FLIRC anyway.

To have the buttons that do not initially light up with the code, you follow the "Learning Another Remote's Buttons" instructions.  

Good luck!