Need "back" not "exit" button for Samsung Smart TV (KSxxxx)

Posted: one year ago Quote #4623
Is there anyway to program the exit / back button as a "back" button rather than an "exit" button?

I have a Samsung xxKS8000 series TV. I have followed the directions to setup the "Smart Hub" feature(e.g. "Display" button brings up Smart Hub). However, I still have one Smart TV button not working which is the "back" button. In short the "back" button acts like "Exit" rather than "back".

Here's two examples that don't work as I would hope:

(1) Using the Inteset remote, open the TV menu. Select any menu item. Press the "back" button. The menu exists completely rather than simply "going back" to the previous menu (which is how the Samsung remote works).

(2) Open up an app such as YouTube or Amazon Video. After you make a selection, typically the "back" button would take you to the previous screen. However, pressing the "back" button on the Inteset remote results in completely exiting the app. As a result, there is no easy way to navigate through the app function unless you resort to the original Samsung remote.

I have tried to "learn" the button feature from the Samsung remote unfortunately that remote uses Bluetooth to send all commands except for the Power on/off button.

For reference, my Inteset remote is the 422-1 and the TV mode is programmed with code 12953. I've gladly enjoyed the other features (macros, punch through, etc.).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And happy New Year to all.
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I am not aware of any options to help accomplish this. Your remote is the first version. The newer remotes (INT422-3) may have that feature updated but I have no way to test this.
Posted: 8 months ago Quote #4782
Hi, i have the INT422-3 and have the exact same issue, pressing "back" exits any open app or menu from the Samsung TV, instead of going back to the previous screen. My TV is a Samsung KU6300, and comes with the Smart Remote Control. I tried learning this back button but I couldn't accomplish that.