TCL Roku TV Options button

Posted: one year ago Quote #4633
I have a TCL 4k Roku TV and while the remote does support this TV in general, the Options button does not seem to have a button for it.  In the mappings, Roku devices seem to have the Guide button for that, but it is not working.  Is this supposed to work or can somebody please clarify?  I think the TCL Roku TV remote is not IR and so I can't have it learn the button.
Posted: one year ago Quote #4638
Did you use device code 14398? This should provide similar features to the TCL remote.
Posted: one year ago Quote #4648
I am using that one but I can't get the Options button to work and that's an important button on the roku part of the TV.  The Guide button is what I think should map there, but it is not working.
Posted: one year ago Quote #4650
The Menu button should pull up the Menu and the Guide button should pull up Info/Options.
Posted: 7 months ago Quote #4858
Sorry for the long response in between but this just isn't working.  The TV is a TCL 55UP130.  The Guide button doesn't appear to do anything.  It doesn't even make a sound on the TV which makes me think it's not recognizing that button.
Posted: 7 months ago Quote #4859
One other option that I thought might occur is the Info button would work, but it also seems to work like the OK/Select button instead of doing that.