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Here are the setup instructions for using the FLIRC IR Receiver with the INT422-3 Remote and the Nvidia Shield 2nd Gen as provided by an Nvidia/Inteset User:

Download FLIRC software from their website ( on your computer and install it.

Plug the FLIRC into an available, visible USB port (recommend front panel USB on computer).

Start the FLIRC software.

Controller -> Select NVIDIA SHIELD

Program the Inteset remote with the NVIDIA SHIELD code (04918) on one of the Device Buttons (A,B,C,D)

Click "GO" in the FLIRC program on your computer. It will highlight a button to press.  While pointing the Inteset remote at the FLIRC, press the corresponding button you want to use for that button on the INT422.  Repeat this step until all buttons are programmed and the FLIRC software says you are done. (You can use a standard USB extender cable if you want to mount the FLIRC facing the front on your computer).

Unplug the FLIRC from your computer and plug it into the SHIELD USB port.  The INT422 that you programmed the FLIRC for should now work as intended when you are on the Device Code for Nvidia Shield.