assign macro to star button

Posted: 9 months ago Quote #4682
I have been trying to assign a macro to the STAR button at the bottom of the remote.  I am doing this in device independent mode.

The macro will switch to ROKU "D", then arrow around to a particular channel I want and open it

so far so good.  I program the macro and the first time I use it while in device mode A, it works.

however after running macro and being in D mode.  I switch back to A mode, and then try it again, and the macro is gone..its not there anymore.  I can switch to B or C or D and the macro is there for those devices (since its device independent), but from A, after the first use, its gone.

what am I missing?

The A device on my remote is setup as directv controller using standard device code.  I did not learn anything else to that button other than the device independent macro.

Its very strange, seems like a bug to me, but maybe there is something I am missing?  
Posted: 9 months ago Quote #4691
It sounds like the sequence you are using is flawed. Try the sequence manually for each step. If it works then program the macro with the same sequence. Also, use a different button to store the macro.
Posted: 9 months ago Quote #4696
nothing wrong with the sequence, it works on B, C and D device modes and it works the first time on A too, but after I switch back to A, no longer there.

Later on I removed any learned button that might be assigned to the same key I assigned the macro too an this seemed to correct the problem.  I did not personally assign any learned button to that key.  I was using a remote code for device A with no learned button overrides whatsoever.  I don't know...  but anyway, after I removed any existing learned button from the button in question, now, the macro works.