program remote to move left and right and up and down

Posted: 9 months ago Quote #4742
I have a viewtv converter box with remote. I have been able to program my inteset to learn most features of the viewtv remote by using the learning function. No problem there.

The problem for me is on the viewtv remote. When on the programming menu on the converter box, which which requires moving to the left or right or up or down, the channel up/down button, and the volume up/down buttons become the up and down and left or right buttons.

I am sure that viewtv is not the only manufacturer that has a remote which operates this way. I need to be able to program my inteset remote to be able to control movements (left and right, up and down) in a menu on the converter box.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Eric White
Posted: 9 months ago Quote #4743