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Posted: 7 months ago Quote #4754
Finally got my RC6 receiver so plugged it in and started using my INT-422-2 with windows media center. To my surprise, there is no close button on it!! This to close/kill an active application/window.

Using learn button, I programmed the blue button from the old remote. But it does not work, it needs the old non rc6 receiver to work. Then, using some tips online, tried changing one of the buttons to send alt+f4, but that doesn't work either. So, now I've both rc6 and older receiver plugged in.

How can get a close button with the rc6 receiver?

Posted: 7 months ago Quote #4793
What product are you using-the USB MCE IR Receiver? Did you try the EXIT button
Posted: 7 months ago Quote #4794
where do you see the EXIT button in MCE mode? That is the "back" button that takes to prev screen, but under no circumstances closes the application.

Yes, USB receiver.