Changing device mode when changing inputs

Posted: 2 months ago Quote #4829
Right now, when I change HDMI inputs on my tv, I have to also press the device mode button of the device I switched to in order to control the device. Is there a way to automatically switch to the new device mode without having to press the device mode button each time I switch inputs?
Posted: 2 months ago Quote #4856
You may be able to create a Macro that will do that.
Posted: 4 days ago Quote #5921
I have a different question to the same issue.  Is there a way to set the input (set to the tv) to register regardless of what device is being controlled (such as with volume)?  This would solve the problem of having to switch back and forth between device buttons.
Posted: yesterday Quote #5929
You could use Global Volume Lock or Global Channel Lock or create your own macro for that. Check the user guide for instructions.