Firetv and Flirc with 422-3 remote setup

Posted: 6 months ago Quote #4862
I thought I would start a topic on the setup of Firetv using Flirc.
I used the Nvidia Shield code 04918 to assign the device key (d) and used the Flirc software to program the Flirc dongle for Firetv.
My remote will now navigate in Firetv and in Kodi, Netfix, Hulu, etc.
I used the "menu" button on my 422-3 as the "home" button.
The volume controls for my soundbar are set to "global volume lock".
Works great!!!
Posted: 5 months ago Quote #4876
Hello, can't seem to get my Interest INT-422-3 remote to program right with the FLIRC software to the FLIRC usb plug-in thingy for the Amazon Fire tv.  The only keys that seem to successfullly "record" are the play, rewind, fast forward, back, home (used menu), up and down.  The keys that would not seem to record were the left and right and the enter (ok) buttons.  Any advice? Also, what code did you use to finally program the INT-422-3 remote to the Amazon Fire TV? Thanks.  
Posted: 5 months ago Quote #4877
Sorry just realized you listed the code! It worked and all of the buttons are now recorded in the FLIRC software and working on the Fire.  Now the real question, how do you get the 422 remote to select the "source" on the TV so it goes over the Fire TV from the cable box as the source without having to drag out the orginal TV remote?
Posted: 5 months ago Quote #4878
Ok, wow.  I just figured it out.  Press the TV button and the "input" button on the 422 remote and you can toggle between cable and the Fire TV.  I keep answering my own questions. Thanks for the Fire code though! That helped a ton.
Posted: 23 days ago Quote #6166
I just bought the new pendant amazon fire tv. Unfortunately, it does not have a USB port so my Flirc cannot be attached to it. I've tried pairing my Inteset remote through the Amazon Settings for Bluetooth and other remotes. Either I did it wrong or it can't be done that way. Anybody have any suggestions? I loved the way my Inteset remote worked with the Flirc before but now...
Posted: 23 days ago Quote #6167
The INT422-3 remote can not work with the FireTV Stick or Dongle/Pendant as those devices have no IR port.
Posted: 18 days ago Quote #6174
So, instead I enabled the CEC on my TV. Now I can operate Amazon TV on my Inteset Remote EXCEPT I cannot get back to the Home Page on any apps. It should be on the Menu button but of course that will only take me to the TV Menu. I've tried to reprogram using FLIRC but it will not let me change that button! Any suggestions? In any case, I have reduced my remotes from 4 to 2 and I only have to use the Amazon TV remote when I want to return to the Home Page so that is much better!!!
Posted: 12 days ago Quote #6194
Try sending your question to Flirc Support. Thay may have the method you need to program the Flirc.