Sanyo TV

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I was unable to program my remote to work my Sanyo TV. I followed all the steps...went through all the codes, and tried searching for the code as written in the instructions. The remote works great with other devices. Any help would be appreciated
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If the code(s) do not work for your device, you can try having the INT422 learn the button presses from your original remote per the following as detailed in your INT422 User Guide.

Learning Considerations •
Your original remote control must be an IR type remote (Infrared) and be in working order. • Learned buttons are device specific. So, for each button/device on your Inteset remote, you can learn a button from the original remote. • The following buttons are not available for learning: Device, SET, or Record. • Learning capacity is from 42 to 75 buttons depending on the IR code length of the buttons. • Certain buttons are not learnable including multi or high frequency types, and other odd formats. • For optimal learning, avoid bright ambient light such as natural sunlight. • When learning a button, press the original remote button quickly. Otherwise the Inteset remote may learn the IR code for the button twice.

Learning a Button
NOTE: If more than 10 seconds passes between button presses, the remote will exit programming mode.
1. Place the Inteset remote head-to-head (about 2” apart) from the training remote. Locate the button you want to learn on the training remote.
2. On the Inteset remote, press the Device mode button (ie: A, B, C, or D) on which you want to learn buttons from the training remote. 3. Press and hold the SET button until the red LED blinks twice, then release.
4. Enter 9 7 5. The LED will blink twice. NOTE: If the LED displays one long flash instead, either the batteries are low, or the remote has a memory fault (ie: it is out of memory). In either case, the remote will not be able to learn any buttons.
5. Press the button on the Inteset remote that you want to learn. The LED will start blinking rapidly, indicating it is ready to learn.
6. On the training remote, quickly press the button to be learned. The Inteset remote should blink twice indicating it has learned the button on the training remote.