Device Button (e.g A) to Power on/off Individual Component (Inteset 422-3)

Posted: 6 days ago Quote #5919

Right now - I'm hitting button (A) then Power button to turn a device on/off

Instead, I would like to just hit a button to turn a device on/off (w/o having to press the power button)?

For example -
I press Red Button and it turns on my Projector
I press the Green Button and it turns on my AV Receiver.

Is there a way to program it this way ?

I don't think this will work

Because my projector is 1-button press for on - and 2 button presses for off, which I think would turn back on my AVR on the 2nd button click.


Posted: yesterday Quote #5926
If you can turn on your projector with 1 button press then turn it off with two button presses you should be able to create a macro to turn on the projector with one button press and then turn it off with a macro that has two button presses set up on another key.

All buttons on a particular device code are not necessarily active. To see if a button is active and can be programmed, press the device button then press any key to see if it is active. If it is active the red LED will blink. This mainly applies to the colored and lower buttons.