422-3 Help!

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I have a TCL P607 Roku TV, A Q Acoustics Soundbar and a PACE Cable Box.

The TCL responds to code: 14398
The soundbar responds to code : 33189
The Cable TV responds to code : 01982

When programmed individually (i.e. TCL=A, Cable Box = B, Soundbar = D) all works OK -- except that the TCL Roku TV doesn't seem to support shortcuts to Netflix, Amazon, HBO Now, Sling.

I have also got volume punch through working.

But here is what I want to do:

1. Power = turn on / turn off all three devices.
2. Press A and we are in Smart TV Mode (the default, works already).
3. Press B, Switch Smart TV input to HDMI 1, all controls operate Cable Box (except volume punch through).
4. Hit special buttons (*, circle, triangle etc..), triggers a switch "A", and calls up one the shortcuts to Netflix, Amazon etc..

Said another way, a use doesn't care about devices. They care about viewing sources. I want to have the special keys, correspond (and be labelled) to viewing choices.
* = Cable TV : Switches Smart TV to HDMI Input #1, remote is in Mode "B".
circle = Nexflix. Switches Smart TV to Netflix, remote in mode "A"
and so on.

How can I do this?
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For the on/off you can use the macro that is detailed in this Forum.

As for switching inputs automatically, you should also read the posts in this Forum. That is determined by your TV and what kind of macro you can create with button presses learned from your TV remote to switch HDMI ports or other sources.