Code for Terk Digital Tuner

Posted: 26 days ago Quote #6152
Hello.  I recently purchased a model INT-422-3 remote for use with our system.  I was able to get everything set up with the exception of the tuner we have in our system.  It is a "Terk" brand HD Digital TV Tuner, model TUNVR1.  It is manufactured by Voxx.  In searching, I have not found this brand mentioned at all.  This device does use an IR remote.

My next step is to perform a "search" on the remote, however I am not optimistic that this will be successful.

Any hints would be appreciated!
Posted: 12 days ago Quote #6195
If the code(s) do not work for your device, you can try having the INT422 learn the button presses from your original remote as detailed in your INT422 User Guide.
Posted: 11 days ago Quote #6198
Thanks, James.  That's what I ended up doing.  It works fine.