Device Mode Dependent Macro

Posted: one month ago Quote #6213
I've programmed Learning and Move with no issues.  Macro isn't working.  All I want to do is add the Receiver (C) power to the Satellite (A) power.  Here's what DOESN'T work:

1.  "A" device (1 flash)
2.  Hold SET (2 flashes)
3.  978 (2 flashes)
4.  "Power" (1 flash)
5.   "C" device (1 flash)
6.  "Power" (1 flash)
7.  Hold SET (2 flashes)

To test, press A for Satellite device.  Try "Power".  Original Sat. Power function still works, but no Receiver reaction.

Did I miss something, or do I have a bad unit?
Posted: one month ago Quote #6214
I've also tried inserting:

"A"  (single flash)
"Power" (single flash)

before "C" "Power", with same results.  A device power works, but nothing for Receiver.  And yes, Reciver power by itself works fine.