Trying to get this remote to work with my Magnavox 500GB DVR and DVD Recorder MDR515H

Posted: 11 days ago Quote #6282
I got this fancy extra expensive remote mostly because our DVR remote, some of the buttons don't work anymore. And as a DVR that does not require a subscription, it has some unusual buttons compared to most devices.

So I go to look up the product code, no DVR category. Even if one of the other types work, it will be missing functionality. Like if one of the DVD codes work, I'll be missing the channel buttons and program button.  If a cable box button or something works, Ill be missing the DVD like functions.

From the manual "in the unlikely event you can not find a setup code match based on above instructions" . . . "Press the device group number that corresponds to your device (ie: 0-3) It says ie which means "in other words". Is 0-3 just examples? If so, where are the other group numbers listed? Because clearly this device is not any of those 4 types.

Yes. we can use the IR learning BUT
1. Some of the buttons no longer work on the original remote, fortunately none of the more unique keys like 30 second skip, yet. I was hoping pre-generated codes would fill those in.

2. That's alot of buttons to sit there teaching one remote to another.
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DVR's are in the Cable Box category for search purposes. If it is stand alone DVR try code 03339 in the Digital Media Receiver section.