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The Stick does not have an IR Receiver so, by itself, can not be controlled by any universal remote. However, our new IReTV IR Receiver will enable the Fire Stick to be controlled when set up with a micro USB "Y" cable per the attached diagram. This will also work with the new Amazon Fire TV 4K Pendant and the Fire TV Box (Box does not need the USB Cable). The IReTV will work with Inteset INT422-3 and all Harmony Universal Remotes.

Just plug in the cables and follow the "How To" Instructions below to get full control per the IReTV Key Maps.

Fire TV Stick IReTV Connectivity Diagram

IReTV Key Map for INT422-3

IReTV Key Map for Harmony

IReTV Amazon Listing

USB Y Cable Amazon Listing

How to Use Inteset & Harmony Remotes with IReTV