Inteset turns AppleTV off

Posted: 8 days ago Quote #6293
Hi all-

I'm seeting up all TVs in my house with AppleTV Gen4s along with the Inteset. I've run into odd behavior that's causing problems.

I'm using only the 'A' function.

I've programmed the power button to turn the Samsung TV on/off.

When I turn the TV off, it also turns the AppleTV off which I don't want. It should stay on all the time.
The only way to turn the AppleTV back on it by hitting 'Menu' on the original AppleTV remote.

Any ideas how to fix this? I'm stumped.

Posted: 4 days ago Quote #6304
You should reprogram the on/off for your TV. The A device button is pre-programmed for AppleTV so you probably have both devices now programmed on the A button.