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Our remotes can not control discrete on/off (or any other discrete action) with one button press. Discrete switches send two signals at the same time. One is for "on" the other for "off". The INT422 can only send one button press signal at a time. This is common with audio receivers and amplifiers.

If the INT422 power button turns the device on but not off or vice versa then you may be able to have the INT422 learn the opposite signal using your original device remote. With the device (Receiver/Amp) in the on/off position that is not controlled by pressing the power button on the INT422 remote, press the Receiver/Amp power button while having the INT422 in learning mode. Use a different unused button in the same device mode on the INT422 for that button press. Then press that newly learned button to provide the opposite response from your device.

This could create a button press that provides the other response from the discrete switch that is not provided by the first button press of the power button on the INT422. This same principle could be used on other discrete switches. If it does not work then the discrete switch sends the signals in the same sequence whenever the power button is engaged. The INT422 can not handle that condition.