INT-422 Remote Xbox One Home Button Programming

Posted: 3 years ago Quote #2141
We've had a couple of inquiries regarding the INT-422 remote Xbox One Home button not being available. If you find it is not available on your unit and want to program this button, please follow the instructions below:

1.  Select the Device Mode programmed for the Xbox One (by default, this is the "B" button)
2.  Press and hold the SET button until the red LED blinks twice.
3.  Enter 9 9 4, the LED will blink twice.
4.  Enter 0 0 7 0 8.
5.  Press the DISPLAY button.
6.  The red LED should blink twice indicating the Xbox One Home Key is now set to the DISPLAY button.
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #2893
This does not work for me. After doing this, I get the display for Stop/Play/FF/RW, etc.  Could you double-check that these instructions are still accurate?
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #2896
On the recent versions of the remote the HOME button on Xbox One is the Display button on the INT-422. See the key mapping on the Device Code page at:

Posted: 2 years ago Quote #2899
That's correct. I hit "B" on the remote, and then the Display button on my INT-422 remote. When I do, I get the "Rewind, stop, play, pause, etc." buttons displayed on the screen vs. going home.  

How do I fix this?

This is the remote I had bought from Amazon...
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #2901
Please re-program the device code of 04000 and try the function again.
Posted: one year ago Quote #3242
I tried both methods listed above, as well as attempting to "teach" the INT-422 using the Xbox One controller, and STILL, I only get the display for Stop/Play/FF/RW as Brian C posted.  All the other buttons work as intended.  

This is a wonderful remote, but if I can’t get it to go home in Xbox One mode, I cannot use it and will be forced to return it and leave a negative review.  
Posted: one year ago Quote #3249
I exchanged the remote for the exact same one and the replacement works perfectly.  For some unknown reason (to me anyway), in the first one I tried the DISPLAY button (or any other button) just wouldn't work to get me to the Xbox one home screen.  I'm glad I gave it another chance, because I love this remote.
Posted: one year ago Quote #3508
I've also tried both methods listed above but to no avail.  When I use the first method (pressing "994" and "00708" and "display"), it never blinks twice after I press "display."  Reconfiguring the remote using "04000" also doesn't work for the display button.  Any ideas?  I have the INT-422 remote (not INT-422-2 or 422-1).