INT-422 Roku Troubleshooting

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Your phone needs to have an IR blaster in order to do this. I’m assuming most Android phones have this (no idea about Apple), but if you aren’t sure you can Google your phone to find out. I used my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, on which the blaster is at the top. You could also do this on a tablet with an IR blaster. My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S and the blaster is on the right side.

1.  Search for ‘Roku IR remote’ in the app store. Choose one of the apps that specifies it is an IR remote.
*The official Roku app will not work for this. I chose “Infrared Remote for Roku” by Peter Mossaad*

2.    Open the app and make sure that it is in remote mode.
*The “Infrared Remote for Roku” by Peter Mossaad automatically opens to the remote. Other apps may have a menu where you will need to select the remote.*

3.    Your phone is now your ‘training’ remote.

4.    Begin the Learning process as outlined in the Inteset learning instructions, using your phone in place of your Roku remote.
*Make sure that the blaster on your phone/tablet is facing the remote. If you don’t know where it is located, Google “(insert your phone here) ir blaster location”

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Alissa, thank you for the instructions! I just followed them as you listed, and the Options (*) button was finally configured on my Inteset remote. I think it would be beneficial if Inteset added these instructions to those who have the Inteset 422-2 in which the "Guide" button is no longer the default Options (*). Obviously, the user would have to own a device that has IR (I used my Galaxy S5).

So, really the only button that is not programmed on my remote is the Hulu button (if an IR remote app for Roku has the Hulu button available, that could be done.) Or, as an alternative, you can program a macros button to follow a sequential command to launch the app.
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I'm glad it worked for you! I was going to do a macro for Hulu, but my roku stays at the last screen /item I was on, so the steps would be different each time. I may try out some other apps to see if they include the Hulu button. I'll update this if I find one!
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If you have a remote that can do IR, you can re-program the Inteset remote Guide button to act as the asterisk button - check Paul D.'s post on it. Of course you may have all taken care of this by now...
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Newer versions of the remote already have the * button programmed.
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Is there a way to program other Roku channel shortcuts?  The remote comes pre-programmed with the red, blue, yellow and green buttons that bring you right to Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, etc.  Is there a way to program a button to take me to another channel (not one of the above)?
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Please check the Mapping for Roku here. There are other buttons that take you to available apps. There is no way to program channels if the one you are looking for is not on the list. Look at the lower buttons.

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If the channel you want to add is on your roku remote you can use the learning function to change one of the colored buttons. If it is not, then I don't believe there is a way to do it...
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To the comments already posted. Yes, you can "train" your Inteset to learn the buttons directly from a Roku remote, or a cell phone with infrared capabilities. You could also record a series of moves to get to the app you want. However, this is not ideal, since you would only be able to access a custom channel through a click if your interface is set at the initial location in which you recorded the movements through the screen.