INT-422 General Troubleshooting Tips

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Problem is if the ir is not pointed just right all your devices are no longer synced. So you press the power and the tv comes on, cable box goes off, audio device comes on. Press it again and tv goes off, cable box comes on audio device goes off. There needs to be an on and off button so if all devices don't go off, you can press it again.
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I have the same problem.
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I have two problems with INT-422-3 remote. I wish someone can help:

1) Macro Programming: My device setup is as follows: A - TV, B- Soundbar D- Roku.  I am trying to program a macro to power on all devices and also control them.

1) Long press "Set" button till it blinks twice
2) Enter code 994
3) Press red colored button on the remote for macro
4) Press A, Power, D, Power,B,Power B, long press "Set" till it blinks twice

The problem I face: When I press the remote, it does not turn on all the devices. TV and Roku turn on but soundbar does not
When I tried to repeat programming, I found that the programming of B got erased (it didn't blink when I pressed B). This happened many times. Is this a remote problem or am I doing something wrong..?

2) Without macro programming, I turn devices A, B, D: TV, Sound bar and Roku powered ON, if I were to control the volume, I need to press B and then adjust volume but then Roku goes on standby mode. I then need to press D to change Roku channels. Is this normal that all devices do not stay ON at all times..?

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With regard to the on/off issue, if you turn on or off the devices that are controlled by a macro for that purpose, you must point the remote at the devices long enough for it to cycle through the macro. If you move the remote away from pointing it at your devices it will not be able to send the signal to the last devices that you programmed in the macro. It will only take a few seconds to cycle through so please wait.
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We just got our int-422-3 and cannot figure out how to get it to change the input on our TV (Insignia). Any help would be appreciated.
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For me with our receiver it was a matter of programming the different HDMI commands.
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I programmed the up, down, left, right and OK buttons for device A through the learning function. I then programmed the same buttons for device C. After doing this, the programming for these buttons for device A was wiped out. When I relearned these buttons for device A, they were wiped out for device C. How do I stop this from happening?