Google Fiber TV Device Code

Posted: 2 years ago Quote #3168
The device code for the new Google Fiber TV is 03666.  All functions work under this code except the Jump Forward/Back function which you should be able to teach the INT-422 from the Google remote.
Posted: 28 days ago Quote #6316
I received new remote Int-422-3 today. Most of the product codes worked well.  However for Google Fiber TV, the jump forward/backward buttons did not work.  I tried the steps for "Learning a Button" in user's guide, but that does not appear to work.
- press Device mode button C (cable box from google)
- press and hold SET until LED blinks twice
- enter 975 and LED blinks twice
- press back button |< on Inteset remote, LED blinks rapidly
- quickly press jump backward button on google fiber remote

At this point nothing new happens (LED does not blink twice); on the Inteset remote the LED continues to blink rapidly and then after few seconds LED switches off and backlight turns on.  That desired button did not learn the code from device remote.

I have tried several times, with two remotes closer and further apart.  I also tried learning another button from google fiber remote (menu back).  But that also has same behavior.

I noticed that if I press another button on Inteset remote it looks like its still in learning mode (LED blinks rapidly).  So I have to wait 10 sec or so for it to exit programming.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.
Posted: 24 days ago Quote #6329
Rapid blinking usually means that the memory is full or that that button can not learn the requested button. You can follow instructions in the user guide to clear learned buttons or program macros over other macros.