Posted: one year ago Quote #3297
Last week, the back button on our 422-1 stopped working, but only for the Roku setting. I tried programming the Roku to a different device key, learning the back button from the Roku remote (I discovered the remote is not IR and that is why that wouldn't work) and even completely wiping it out with a factory reset and reprogramming the entire remote. Nothing will fix this. When I press the button, the back light comes on, but the red light doesn't. It works for every other setting except the Roku and I cannot figure out a different way to go back when using the Roku. I can click on Menu, but that takes me out of Netflix, or whatever app I'm using, completely and goes all the way to the Roku home page.

We've never had an issue before and I can't for the life of me figure this out. I think I've done every programming option and I've gone through the forums to no avail. Can anyone assist with this?