Optical/Notebook Drive Case- Ready for your Drives

This is a solid drive case that attaches to your PC with just a USB cable. It protects your drives and looks great.

Optical DVD/Notebook HDD Drive Case Kit

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This miniature A/V style drive case houses your Blu-ray optical drive and SATA notebook drive. It is connected to a PC via included USB cables and does NOT need additional power. The chassis face plate and cover are constructed from top-grade anodized brushed aluminum for beautiful high-end A/V appeal. The bottom casing is made of steel adding weight and heat dissipation. For OEMs, there are label indentations on the front plate for a logo (1.22" x .41") and model name (1" x .41").

This case is the ideal companion to our new 1U Media Case as both cases are the same width. The Optical/HDD Drive case sits perfectly on top of the media case.

The dimensions of the finished case with the single faceplate is 8.75”(W) x 5.25”(D) x 1.25”(H).

System Includes:

· Steel Bottom Casing-Black

· Brushed Aluminum Top Cover

· Brushed Aluminum Front Plate

· Notebook Drive Bracket

· Optical Drive SATA/USB Adapter Interface

· Notebook HDD USB Adapter Interface

· 18" External USB Cable for Optical Drive

· 18" External USB Cable for Notebook Drive

· Rubber Feet

Note: This kit comes ready to assemble and to plug into your computer or our new 1U Media Case with the two supplied USB cables. The SATA optical drive and SATA HDD/SSD drives are not included in this kit.