Secure Lockdown v2 Standard Edition

Lock down Windows and create an embedded environment. Secure Lockdown Standard Edition is perfect for single purpose applications, kiosk and digital signage systems, trade show setups, media centers and other programs. Secure Lockdown removes the Windows Desktop functionality and unwanted keystrokes and allows your main application to run exclusively.
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This simple, but powerful program will enable you to run your single purpose application while locking out Windows Desktop functionality and unwanted keystrokes. Secure Lockdown™ will run in the background ensuring that only the application you want can be run. 

Inteset Secure Lockdown

Secure Lockdown™ v2 includes the following features:

·         Compatible with all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10)

·         Creates a “virtual embedded,” single purpose operating environment

·         Secure Lockdown runs as a hidden background application and removes access to undesired Windows features

·         Removes the Windows Task bar and Start button

·         Removes Desktop actions and features such as:

o   Desktop right-click menu

o   Task Manager access

o   CTRL-ALT-Delete functions

o   System shutdown or logoff

o   Windows Ease of Access

o   Windows Help and Support

·         Disables numerous keystrokes including:

o   Alt-tab

o   Alt-F4

o   Alt-Esc

o   Alt-Shift-Esc

o   CTRL-Esc

o   CTRL-Shift-Esc 

o   Windows Keys

o   F1 (Windows Help) F3 (Windows Search)

·        Allows for independent Windows user accounts that use or do not use Secure Lockdown on one computer

·        Command-line and unattended installation and enable/disable handling

·        Includes On-screen Keyboard Helper (free virtual keyboard utility)

·        Off-line product activation (Internet connection not needed)

·        Free lifetime support

·        No annual fees

·        Free minor revision upgrades

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Users of your system will only have access to those applications which you allow. Administrators of the locked down system can easily and quickly manage the Secure Lockdown™ settings with just a few button presses.

Note: A 30 day fully functional trial version is available to download (see Download button above). When you purchase Secure Lockdown (see above), an activation key will be emailed to you. When using the software, you will be presented with an Activation Splash screen. From here, you can enter the product activation code and gain full access to the software. Click here to download the Users Guide.

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