Picture of PC-IRS5-01 External IR 12' Cable Extension

PC-IRS5-01 External IR 12' Cable Extension

This cable is used to lengthen the distance from the IRS5 receiver module by 12 feet

PC-IRS5-01 External IR Extension Cable-12 feet

This custom cable allows the user to add 12 feet to the length of the IRS5 External IR Receiver module. The length of the cable that is part of the IRS5 External IR Receiver Kit is 5 feet. This allows the user to place the IR Receiver module 5 feet from the computer to which it is installed.

The extension cable that is available here adds 12 feet to the original 5 feet of cable making a total of 17 feet that the IRS5 External IR Receiver module can be located away from the computer. Installation is easy. Just plug the External IR Receiver module into one end of the cable. Then plug the other end into the back panel connector that you have installed in your computer case.

This cable must be used with the IRS5 IR Module Extender Kit which is an option when you buy the IRS5 Basic Kit. You must purchase the Extender Kit to use this cable.


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