Inteset PC-IRS5-01 with External IR Receiver Kit

Internal IR Receiver for Media Applications that works on any motherboard with Windows or Linux Operating Systems. It wakes the computer from the "OFF" State (S5).

The IRS5 Basic Kit with External IR Receiver Kit

Internal IR Receiver Wakes any Motherboard from the OFF State (S5) and Extends the IR Externally using any RC6 Remote

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In a world destined for A/V control via wireless technologies, we believe there is still room for some good old IR control ingenuity. Our exclusive, all new PC-IRS5-01 - Wake-from-Off, IR Receiver, allows home theater PC (HTPC) owners to easily turn on their system from a complete off state using a standard universal infrared remote control. Both Windows and Linux HTPC owners can enjoy a true consumer electronics experience. Until now, wake from off (S5) via IR was achievable only using special motherboards. The PC-IRS5-01 gives nearly all consumer motherboards this capability and with no special BIOS settings to configure or third party drivers to install. The IR receiver works directly with native Windows eHome and Linux LIRC drivers to provide full control of home theater applications such as Windows Media Center, Kodi (XBMC) and MediaPortal using a typical RC6 IR remote. In addition, for those that have their systems placed in hard-to-reach areas, an IR receiver extender kit is available.


★ Will wake up any PC from a complete off state (wake from S5)
★ Functions on nearly all motherboards that run Windows or Linux operating Systems
★ Does not require any special motherboard technologies
★ Does not require any special BIOS settings or manufacturer drivers
★ Controls popular media center software applications out-of-the-box including Kodi (XBMC), Windows  Media Center, MediaPortal, and applications supporting the Windows eHome or Linux LIRC native drivers
★ Works with any IR RC6 compatible learning remote control
★ Custom made cables provide easy installation on any standard motherboard
★ Ships with a mounting bracket and hardware
★ Small footprint. The PC-IRS5-01 measures only 1 inch by 1.5 inches
★ Can be mounted anywhere inside an HTPC case with the optional IR Extender kit
★ Complete installation instructions are provided

How it Works:

The PC-IRS5-01 functions based on a simple concept that works with nearly all consumer motherboards. Most consumer motherboards are equipped with a “power header.” This power header allows both an on/off switch and a power status LED to be attached to it. The IRS5 uses a simple “Y cable” that inter-connects between the power header and the on/off switch and LED. This cable allows the IRS5 to sense when the computer is on or off based on the state of the LED. If the LED is off, the IRS5 knows to turn the system on and visa-versa. The user simply presses the IR remote’s power button and the IRS5 will determine whether to turn the system on or off. The IRS5 is powered by either a separate 5 volt power adaptor (the same as most cell phones), or by an internal USB header that maintains power while the computer is in the off state. Once the computer is on and fully booted into the operating system, the IRS5 communicates with the OS via the USB port to control the compatible software. That’s it!

What's in the box:

★ The PC-IRS5-01 IR Receiver board (1" x 1.5")
★ IR to USB Header Internal Cable (16" Long)
★ IR to Internal Motherboard PSW/LED Cable (16" Long)
★ IR to Internal Power Adapter Jack Cable (20" Long)
★ Power Adapter Jack to External Adapter Cable with 5 volt Adapter (36" Long)
★ Mounting Bracket and Hardware
★ IR Extender Kit
★ Installation Instructions

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IRS5 Installation Instructions (video)

Detailed Installation Instructions (pdf)

See the IRS5 in Action with XBMC (video)

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